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Imagine Scarborough in 20 years. What do you hope the town will look like?

about 2 years ago
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  • trheels almost 2 years ago
    The Scarborough Downs Raceway presents an unprecedented opportunity for the town of Scarborough.One way for the town to take advantage of this is to declare this property as a Tax Increment Financing District. (TIF) This is what would help the town to install the infrastructure this property needs to be developed.
  • Robert almost 2 years ago
    Has anyone heard of the Union Point project 10 miles south of Boston MA? It's a brand-new smart city that will be designed for all the things that Scarborough residents say that our Town should have! Dec 19, 2017LINK:
  • Robert almost 2 years ago
    I don't know yet what tools Scarborough is using to manage and plan growth. Obviously, the growth is coming whether or not it's planned, because legal land uses cannot be prohibited.A very effective tool for having growth pay its own way, rather than burdening existing taxpayers, is by adopting Impact Fee legislation. With this, future growth is required to pay for the impact it causes when roads, sewers, schools, etc., need to expand to absorb the new growth. I worked as chair of the Cranberry Township (Pennsylvania) Planning Commission in the 1980'-1990's when we adopted this tool. Scarborough needs it ASAP ifit's not already in force.So in 20 years, Scarborough can be a well-planned, happy community of bustling commercial activity, vibrant green spaces, a clean environment, and reasonable taxes...or a place where people think "how did we get into the mess we're in?". I hope for the former and I'll work towards it.
  • dfuchsertman about 2 years ago
    I HOPE that it will be "green". Solar incentives etc. I hope it retains a lot of its unspoiled character with beaches/farms/open spaces while allowing residential building developments. Encourage attractive commercial buildings/ "curb appeal". I would like to incorporate more sidewalks and bike paths especially between neighborhoods and popular destinations like Dunstans, Oak Hill, and all beaches ( I am afraid to bike there now and I am already on the beach side of Rt 1). Avoid high-rise buildings/traffic congestion. I hope that Dunstans and Oak Hill can become a bit bigger to allow more options for shopping/dining locally. Encourage/keep big businesses in Mall, Haigis Parkway and industrial park areas (needed for local jobs and tax base!). I hope that more towns people can get behind the importance of a great public school system again and in the future fund it to at least the average of the state's per pupil cost if not a bit above. I hope that there are some new neighborhoods with ranches and small capes on smaller lots that can welcome a mix of retirees(garages for them to help w winters!), young people starting out, and families w modest incomes. I hope that we could have a community center for all that includes indoor track/pool/gym and meeting space (like SoPo has)---however if that will cause taxes to increase so that citizens will battle and won't fund schools/police/fire well, then I would ditch the center idea. AVOID becoming primarily a summer community.
  • Art Dillon about 2 years ago
    I imagine more traffic, more congestion, higher taxes, more contention with public officials.Ideally, less traffic, more diversified housing (affordable), more transparency from elected and town officials, more volunteerism - community. A community Center, swimming pool
  • Verity Dogood about 2 years ago
    Like it did 10-20 years ago. Less traffic, fewer demands on public facilities and resources, fewer constraints on day-to-day life.
  • Roger about 2 years ago
    Protected marsh, free from pollution and runoff (including sewage, herbicides and lawn fertilizer)Preserves of open space for recreation and wildlifeSmart growth that plans for sea level rise More sidewalks/bike trails in town