Conservation Groups Meeting

about 2 years ago

 Scarborough is rich in natural resources and needs to be highlighted in new plan 
 How do you define success of 2006 Comp Plan? 

  • Is evaluation/analysis a part of the comp plan process? 
 Identify growth areas? Eastern Village example of density described in 2006 comp plan 
 Visualization of changes in planning in Scarborough over time 
  • Look at community from the air; helps conceptualize impacts of 2006 plan 
  • Growth permits can be mapped in GIS for visual analysis (Jay) 
  • Timeline of techniques (Karen) 
 Scarborough’s natural treasures 
  • Marsh 
  • 5 rivers that flow through town 
  • Head of Saco Bay; largest stretch of barrier beaches in state 
  • Soils of statewide significance 
  • Agriculture—rich history 
  • Mature forests 
  • Bonds for conservation; 3 times by overwhelming majority 
  • Rank in top 10 of population in state of Maine 
  • Development attractive; business and residential 
 Criteria for success in the plan; can it be added? (yes) 
  • How to measure success factors in new plan 
  • Benchmarking 
 Find the right tools to measure 
 Acknowledge of agriculture—add to themes 
 Protection and/or conservation of marine resources 
 Economic incentives for commercial land or brownfields? 
  • Haigis Parkway? 
  • Scarborough Downs 
 How to manage a large piece of land coming available 
 Downs property has flexible zoning in Scarborough (currently) 
 Flooding with climate change and sea level rise 
 Limit impacts of development in vulnerable areas in town 
  • Infrastructure 
  • What development we do have is resilient 
 Separate climate change and sea level rise 
 Protection of marsh and tributaries 
  • Call out rivers 
Limit use of pesticides and fertilizers in tributaries as well as buffer
Stormwater drainage; look at soil structure in development 
 Link language of green infrastructure in new comp plan 

  • Stormwater 
  • Capacity of Stormwater review locally; reinforce in plan 
 Renewable energy linkage to development and municipal campus 
 Aesthetics and viewshed considerations in development 
 Protect woodlands and mature forests—protect large undeveloped blocks of land 

  • What do you mean by “protect large undeveloped blocks of land”? 

 Quantify “large” 

  • Contiguous 
 Easement development for 2+ acre lots? To make trail corridors for safe access to village centers 
 Concern about development sprawl in Scarborough

  • Balance smart development and contiguous open spaces 
  • Consider cumulative impacts of development 
  • Alternate uses of land to landowners; offer incentives (economic or otherwise) 

 Other than sell land for development 

  • Identify large parcels of land in town 
 TDR example; not successful when first tried 
 Over the next 10 years to preserve public access to natural resources in Scarborough 
 Protect more of the Nonesuch 

  • Greenbelt around/adjacent to Nonesuch 
  • Up against the Gorham line 
  • West of the Turnpike 

 Resiliency 

  • Pine Point 
  • Jones Creek 
  • Focus in on coastal areas that are vulnerable to sea level rise 
  • How do these neighborhoods maintain vitality facing risks of climate change and sea level rise 
Pete’s storm surge maps as a part of document 
Imagine the Future 
Maintaining connectivity of waterways in town 

  • Fish 
  • Aquatic mammals 
  • Maintaining passage of water 
  • Reconnect xx% waterways 
  • When a project comes up don’t replace in-kind, think about future 
 Revitalizing native fishery 
 Love to see Route 1 across the marsh become a raised causeway so water flows freely to marsh 
 Eliminate phragmites 
 Connectivity trail; biking and walking to navigate town safely 
 Healthy and vibrant habitat in Scarborough marsh continuing 

  • More protection along the upland edge of the marsh 
  • Lessen impingement 
 Mason Libby Road has undersized culverts that need to be addressed 
 Eco-friendly public transportation system 

  • Get into Portland without driving 
  • Dense development with open space 
  • Demographics are changing in Scarborough; aging population can lead to more dense areas 

 Cool downtown area with restaurants and attractions 

  • Walkability 
  • Create a village feel 

 Love the Eastern Trail 

  • Complete and connected to South Portland and Portland 
  • Eastern Greenbelt connection along the east coast 

 Flashing red left turn signals; like Falmouth for traffic flow 

  • Not at Oak Hill 

 Parts of town are hard to navigate 

  • Oak Hill 
  • Beech Ridge area 

 Consideration of commercial development areas and trees to the street instead of clearing 

  • Like Haigis Parkway and not Payne Road 
 Plant trees along Oak Hill 
 Public parking lots to natural resource areas 

  • Access to coastline? Is it enough? 
  • Maintain adequate access on par with population growth and tourism needs 

One Piece of Advice to Consultants 

  •  Don’t touch the marsh 

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