Higgins Beach Meeting

almost 3 years ago

Character of the Town

  • No defined center
  • Character is Schizophrenic – different areas of town want different things
  • Traffic is extreme
  • Our traffic is complex because there is access everywhere
  • Why pursue growth – it leads to more traffic
  • Pass through traffic is intense
  • Scarborough offers the best roads for cycling
  • Bicycle paths needed
  • We need public transportation – It would be nice to have shuttle into town

What attracted you to Scarborough?

  • The beauty of coming into town on Broadturn road many years ago – it was beautiful and welcoming. We came from Vermont and we thought the farmlands were unbelievable.
  • Uncle had summer rental and introduced her and her sisters to Scarborough, who have since bought homes here.
  • I summered in Maine as a child. I think we should approach Higgins Beach with a light touch and leave it alone.
  • I’m the 6th generation of my family to be here in Higgins. 
  • I’ve followed my parents to Higgins Beach
  • My future wife brought me to Higgins – we liked the beaches,the schools, the proximity to Portland.
  • I’ve been here since 1987. I wanted to be at the beach in an area with a rural feeling.
  • Quality of Senior Living (Piper Shores) facilities are important. 
  • We have always been coastal folks.
  • I’ve been a part of Higgins since 1939. I came with my parents – we summered here from New York. I eventually bought here as an adult.
  • No choice but to be in Scarborough – I was born on a farm on 77. Went to school in Boston then bought here in 1960
  • Attracted to friends and family here – Higgins was a community, not just a beach location. People of community are fantastic
  • Calm, peaceful evening atmosphere at the beach
  • Scarborough is unique.

General Ideas:

  • Scarborough needs to increase funding at schools to maintain quality
  • We can’t attract people without providing quality schools
  • Look at fiscal impact of cost of schools for all
  • Town needs to look at infrastructure
  • Town needs to do a better job of bridging the need for quality schools to everyone in the community.  I believe everyone wants good schools. We may differ on how to get there.
  • Need more ways to involve more citizens in the discussions
  • Schools need to reach out to the community
  • We may need to change to Council districts.  We are at a point where areas of town need representation, rather than just area wide representation.

Make Sure You…. 

  • Use a light touch
  • Look at what has happened to beach communities to the south. Carolinas, New Jersey, New York – overcome with development, destroying the character of the Beach towns
  • Maintain the differences in the community and preserve what is unique.
  • Understand the character of all the areas of Scarborough. You may not have a single set of characteristics of Scarborough – but each area has characteristics
  • Preserve old homes and architecture
  • Find the qualities that will unite the different areas of Scarborough.  What are we all connected to – is it the Marsh? It could be multiple concepts

Make sure you don’t…

  • Erase the agricultural heritage of the community
  • Let too much growth happen.

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