North Scarborough Meeting

about 2 years ago

 How do we move traffic flow through our town? 

  •  Need infrastructure to move people to towns beyond Scarborough 
  •  Would like to see Scarborough growth continue in the town center, near turnpike, the mall area 
  •  Attract families and young professionals 
  •  Connect neighborhoods 
  •  Bike lanes, sidewalks to connect neighborhoods to other neighborhoods and services 
  •  Concern with growth ahead of necessary infrastructure 
  •  Concern with the Route One arterial running through the center of town, high speeds, not able to walk and bike safely 
  •  Roadway infrastructure hasn’t changed in decades while development has continued to happen 
  •  Opportunity with redevelopment of Scarborough Downs, different uses and possibilities 
  •  Denser housing development and creating more open space 
  •  More affordable housing needed 
  •  Look closely at minimal lot sizes to avoid overdeveloping and losing attractiveness and character
  • Preserve historic buildings and sites 
  • Relocation of historic buildings will lose historic value 
  •  Encourage commercial development, but not retail development 
  •  Continue to have high expectations on design in the built environment 
  •  Create multi-use development that connects live/work spanning uses throughout the day 
  •  Need more restaurants 
  •  Create more opportunities for community gathering 
  •  Need amenities close by, should growth areas be reconsidered since density has been established 
  •  Are we considering neighboring communities Comp Plans? 
  •  Utility companies future plans need to be considered 
  •  Consider regional context 
  •  Look at zoning across town lines 
  •  Collection of neighborhoods in Scarborough, encourage mixed zoning as these neighborhoods use to be able to stand on their own 
  •  Main commuter collectors should not become super highways 
  •  Need upgraded utilities in town, provisions included while development and construction is happening 
  •  Protection of aquifer – need to extend public water to North Scarborough 
  •  Neighboring communities growth is impacting Scarborough - they should be contributing more on a regional approach 
  •  Time Warner Cable monopoly in Scarborough 
  •  Broader communication 
  • Traditional mailings 
  •  Mobile homes/manufactured homes park zoning is not logically located 
  •  Multi-mode road network needed 
  • o Maintaining shoulders after ditch maintenance 

Make sure you: 

  •  Preserve character 
  •  Update infrastructure as population increases 
  •  Zone and provide incentives for affordable housing (go up with amenities around it) 
  •  Require affordable housing in residential housing projects 
  •  Encourage diversity in uses 
  •  Track non-developable lands – what is actually able to be developed 

Be careful not to: 

  •  Lose character 
  •  Spot zoning 
  •  Lose forested areas, green space, street trees 
  •  Drive out the seniors 

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