Oak Hill Meeting

almost 3 years ago

How would you describe the character of Scarborough?

  • Diversity
  • Economically
  • Politically
  • Welcoming
  • A place for everybody
  • Focus on public safety
  • Inclusivity
  • Balance of rustic and city
  • Progressive
  • Environmental, sustainability, conservation initiatives
  • Conservative
  • Opportunities available
  • Farming heritage
  • Great place to raise a family
  • 7 Villagessearching for one organizing principle
  • Build around little villages
  • Highlight villages
  • Honor history of the villages and settlement patterns
  • Beauty of the land mass – variety of neighborhood types
  • Full of Potential

What attracted you to Scarborough?

  • Schools
  • Trails
  • Beaches, Marsh, Open Spaces
  • Lack of high density development
  • Proximity to work
  • Walkable, bike-friendly neighborhoods
  • Library
  • Retirement-friendly
  • Proximity to Portland
  • Rural nature but close to amenities
  • Easy commute
  • Eastern Trail
  • Mix of characteristic types
  • Family
  • Affordability
  • Compared to Cape Elizabeth and Falmouth
  • Environmental features
  • Bigger house lots
  • Happy medium between rural and urban
  • Safe, affordable neighborhoods
  • Natural Resources
  • Preservation of land

What is your vision for Scarborough in the next 20 years?

  • Community has potential with all the resources we have available
  • Harder to get around – Traffic issues
  • Careful with development patterns
  • Higher density than 30 years ago
  • Many trees removed throughout town
  • Originally farming community, character has changed
  • Sidewalks are important even in the older neighborhoods
  • Conserving natural elements of the town
  • Development should be walkable, not just drivable to services and amenities
  • Need more emphasis on arts in schools
  • Need to protect environmentally sensitive areas
  • Focus on walkability within Oak Hill area – good for both residents and businesses
  • Sewer extension prompted the villages to become suburb and exploded
  • Sea level rise need to be considered
  • Need mixed uses in neighborhoods to promote walkability and community
  • Preserve/create village schools (K-2)
  • That children can walk to and from
  • Complete Streets
  • Including public transportation
  • More sidewalks
  • Safer crosswalks
  • Bike facilities
  • Traffic calming
  • More walkable/bike community
  • Connect sidewalk network within the village centers and neighborhoods
  • Commit to 100% renewable energy
  • Light Pollution is an issue, we should be able to see the stars at night
  • Need to work on implementation tools
  • Oak Hill has a brown glow over it
  • Continue being proactive with growth because of the geography of the Town
  • Diversity in the housing stock
  • Lack of Community Center/Senior Center needs to be a focus
  • Coordinated thinking – regional approach to sea level rise and other issues that cross our borders
  • Accessibility concerns with town playgrounds
  • Community center located in an area that is walkable to neighborhoods and in the Town center
  • More involvement from the younger demographic in town
  • More efficiency in terms of energy needs
  • Community Town Center – how do you create that around the Oak Hill area?
  • Traffic needs to be diverted
  • By-pass??
  • Route 1 is a divide for the Town
  • Traffic-calming can be used to make the area walkable
  • Community Pool is needed
  • More focus on schools
  • Retirement friendly, but we also need to also draw young professionals and families
  • If schools are not supported then they will lose those families
  • Not enough affordable housing
  • Need enough affordable housing to accommodate middle income residents
  • Diversity of housing promote diversity of age groups
  • Long term residents can’t afford to stay
  • Tax relief for long-term residents – are there tools to target seniors needing help
  • Hard to envision a downtown other than Oak Hill – need to get traffic off Route 1
  • Education is a center piece of a successful community to attract people to Scarborough
  • Falmouth is an example of what can happen to Route 1
  • Fiscal sustainability
  • Government involvement with broadband access
  • Most people don’t need broadband access
  • Needed by businesses and remote commuters

Make sure that you…..

  • Do a professional survey of the entire community
  • Communicate all the activity around the comp plan
  • Develop a plan that preserves open and historic lands
  • Consider sea level rise
  • Consider autonomous vehicles
  • Consider natural resource areas in town 

Be Careful not to….

  • Allow unlimited growth
  • Be biased

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  • jacy almost 3 years ago
    It appears that traffic as a result of Rte 1 going straight through the town is an issue for many. There are creative solutions but rerouting traffic negatively effects businesses. Secondly is the question of organizing as one large community vs neighborhoods. People are more energized and participatory when they feel they belong and have a voice. Scarborough needs to use its geographical divisions as an asset while sustaining the value of the whole.
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