Dunstan Inspiration Plan

almost 2 years ago

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  • teatime almost 2 years ago
    Where is all the Route 1 traffic going to go? The intersection of Route 1 and Pine Point/Broadturn is overwhelmed with cars heading south on Route 1 to turn left onto Pine Point backing up past the Rite Aid intersection during the summertime. How would that traffic be routed, as well as traffic heading west on Pine Point to Rt 1?
    • broadturner4life over 1 year ago
      My personal thoughts to alleviate traffic in that area would be pretty simple. First create a direct route from Payne Rd to Broadturn road, and a main route from Payne Rd to Rt 1 to where Anjons is (and not just the little side road that we all take, this would reduce about 25-30% of the traffic accessing the dunstan corner area just to get there. Second would be to eliminate the traffic lights at Payne Rd Rt1 intersection and at the Right Aid. These 3 consecutive lights is the cause of all the problems in that area. With the direct payne rd access to Rt1 being at Anjons a Light can be moved there to all traffic to flow in and out easily. With a more developed "town center" at dunstans corner there will only need be 1 light at the main intersection there. The rest of the traffic will flow easily through with crosswalks, bike paths and a 25 mph speed limit through the mile long stretch... Lastly would be signage on the southbound side to show Old Blue Pt Rd as a viable alternative to Scarborough Beach access, to eliminate simple beach goers from needing to travel all the way into center just to go towards the beaches. At first glance everything seems overwhelming, but i think the 3 scenarios I laid out are a simple start to eliminating the traffic back up.
  • broadturner4life over 1 year ago
    Of course mentioned several times is the "this is just an artist rendering and never to be taken as an actual plan, just an idea starter... " So lets not nit pick every single aspect of it. I for one do not think the school center is the place to build our town center. I think many can agree the one thing missing in our amazing town is something that Saco, Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, Freeport, Falmouth, and now Even Biddeford is doing an amazing job at creating. A downtown place where families near and far can come, park their cars, safely walk up and down sidewalks to restaurants, shops, events, outdoor parks, dog areas. I personally believe our best possible location for this is Haigis Parkway. It is completely untapped in its potential, it is the ONE place in scarborough that currently deals with zero traffic build up at any time, so further development wouldnt add to an already existing problem. The current footprint in and around the entire area is minimal so effecting current homes/businesses reconstructing an area would be extremely low, unlike this Hannaford discussion above. But lets face it, here is Scarborough we see very minimal traffic increases through the summer then they do in Saco and Kennebunk/port, yet all of these places have a Town Center and manage the traffic just fine. waiting 5 minutes instead of 3 to make a left turn at a light is not going to be the end of us... especially when the views and surrounding area give you something to actually look at... and not just a run down Subway with a rite aid :)
  • Whymenow23 almost 2 years ago
    Too bad we can't wave a magic wand and solve the traffic problem. These drawings seem to imagine a future so distant and so far from reality that they really do not seem helpful either as guidance or inspiration for future development.
  • aggss almost 2 years ago
    I would also love to see more access routes to East Point trail. Biking on Pine Point Rd or Old Blue Point Rd with kids is not safe!
  • bikelanesNOW almost 2 years ago