Oak Hill Area Inspirational Plan

almost 2 years ago
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  • Maniac about 1 year ago
    While these two "Inspirational" plans are pretty, it's kind of a waste to create them, as they're completely unrealistic. All those businesses and homes are going to be torn down and new ones built to meet this plan? No one's going to pay for that with Scarborough tax dollars. Alrberg, McD's, Pat's, and Wendy's are going to voluntarily do it? No way. And if you're going to say "eminent domain"? -- beautification is not the right use of that law. It would be a better use of planners' time and effort to imagine something more realistic, using existing structures and thinking how to work around them to incorporate a better future. Better yet, instead of using town funds to pay outside planning experts to fly in for a week and make pretty pictures - why not ask citizens and students to propose plans? Not just some meeting that asks why we came here (that's not as relevant as why we stayed!) - ask for visuals, have them displayed at the Town Office or Library, on this website, and then ask for comments. What is the end goal? To revamp the Planning Board guidelines? Plan the Public Works job list? Maybe just ask for suggestions on those. A good one to start with: require new restaurants in town to have one parking space for every 1.5 seats (instead of four, which is the current guideline, and gives us the parking problem at NSR Brewing). Or: new business development needs to have 30' of green space along the road and parking in back? Or: It's a town goal to replant 30 oak trees in the Oak Hill area. I think realism will resonate better, and be a better use of funds.
  • LConn about 1 year ago
    While I understand the desire to better connect areas of the town, I do not believe connecting residential deadends and cul de sacs to main streets to lessen traffic is the right way to go about it. The majority of people who live in homes on these streets do so for the exact reason of less traffic. I, as a new homeowner on one of these potentially affected streets, purchased my home knowing I would have to drive in order to get to the schools and shops, but with that meant that my street would not see thru traffic, especially commercial vehicles. I will echo a previous comment; the map does not show the three existing homes at the end of Abigail Way? Are these people honestly to lose their homes so a roadway can be created to connect Maple and 114? Two roads that are already connected less than a mile down the road? If a road were to be created in that area why must it pass through Abigail's cul de sac at all? The map shows significant space to create the roadway without forfeiting existing homes and the desireable neighborhood roadway structure of dead ends/cul de sacs; a factor that directly affects the day to day quality of life for Abigail residents as well as their home values. If this is honestly about creating more foot/bike traffic in the area then a pathway from Abigail connecting said new road should be more than sufficient.While the idea of better connecting the town for future development is ambitious, it should not be achieved on the backs and homes of it's current residents. We chose to live in Scarborough for a lot of the reasons that these plans seem to be dismissing under the guise of 'necessary change'.
  • bigt almost 2 years ago
    The map does not show the 3 houses on the south side of the cul-de-sac at the end of Abigail Way. I do not believe there is any room there for streets as depicted on the plan, unless two of them are going to be taken by eminent domain. Also on the west side of the cul-de-sac is a pond that is considered wetlands. I do not think the connecting streets to the Abigail Way cul-de-sac part of the plan is plausible.
  • Whymenow23 almost 2 years ago
    These plans seem to imagine a future beyond my lifetime. As I write this, the outside temperature is 12 degrees, and I can't imagine lots of people wanting to walk around the square as they go about their daily routine and stop in to pick up their groceries. Easy access to parking is still an essential element of life in our town and will continue to be for many years to come.
    • Spareman7 almost 2 years ago
      I tend to agree with Whymenow23. This is someone's grandioso idea. Those of us that have lived in the area for many years know that the drainage issue will forever be a problem with development. With the development of the schools those of us from the schools to Sawyer Rd know what that has done to our property. For one this has cost me thousand if dollars to put drainage pipes in my backyard so I could use it when the town disregard me pleas to do something about it. The water in the wooded area along RT 114 from Hannaford Drive to at least Maple Ave would create a huge problem. A street like Green Needle Drive according to this plan shown, would now become a major street to the Middle School at least, and thus traffic in a pretty nice neighborhood would destroy it. We will see what happens but if past history is any indicator then I will be leaving Scarborough after living here for 40 years in the only house I ever owned.After reading this I realised that it looks like I am only concerned what it does to me. Upon closer inspection of the document I wonder what the people on Maple Ave must be thinking.