Built Environment

almost 2 years ago


  • What is great about neighborhood is that you can find everything – from 5 acres lots to more dense areas – then beaches and marshes – it’s a mix
  • We need to preserve old farm houses
  • We should create school paths from neighborhoods around them
  • We don't know what is historic in Town because there is no cluster. We should prepare an inventory
  • We need better connectivity throughout town
  • More housing types/choices
  • Get a better mix of housing types – can help alleviate affordability issues
  • Let's pay attention to Energy efficiency of buildings
  • Keep the Maine Aesthetic – Good Yankee builder, building wisely, very attractive
  • There is a lot of light pollution in Town. We should develop a dark sky ordinance.
  • There is a need for senior housing close to amenities/facilities
Oak Hill/Town Center
  • Make a town center at Oak Hill – more walkable, with a park and a small town feel
  • Would be nice to get a small downtown – maybe we establish small villages throughout the community
  • Infill is the way to go in certain areas – in Oak Hill, new buildings in the back of the McDo
  • Plaza Drive – mixed-use building – connect to Hanford Drive
  • Route One has a bad reputation – nice strip in Scarborough – Let's reclaim Route One and make it better and less terrible looking
  • Scarborough DOWNS – Connect Gorham to Haggis Road. We should commission a Plan and buy the property and find a developer.
  • Scarborough DOWNS – Build upon the Rock Climbing culture around here and make it a Sports event and keep that theme.
  • Scarborough Downs – develop mixed-use neighborhood so people can walk everywhere
  • Change the zoning for Scarborough Downs to incentivize developers to come in with some financial incentives – how can we capitalize on this?
  • We don’t want more development into the wetlands/marsh, which might in turn push development to agricultural lands. We need to be careful and preserve those as well.  
  • Reduce impervious surfaces
  • Address climate change by using passive heating/orientation of the home
  • Do we want to increase density to preserve those lands we want to protect?
General Comments

  • Rules in place in zoning – focus on character and mix of uses
  • Scale of development is often the issue
  • Make development easier – 25 different zones in Scarborough so reduce the amount would help

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