Economic Development

almost 2 years ago

  • We need more people that live and work in town.
  • A qualified and available workforce is the number one issue for employers in town, we don't have enough.
  • University of New England (UNE) has several medical programs that attracts employers. UNE also has a lot of research around Saco Bay – marine research. We should put the emphasis on that.
  • Leveraging partnerships with universities and research centres is key for bringing more businesses.
  • It's a disadvantage that every town in the region is working on their own. We should collaborate more.  Partnerships possible with Falmouth, Cape Elizabeth, Westbrook, etc.
  • Scarborough is attractive as a place to live and that should be a driver for growth – Beach and Turnpike with tremendous transportation connectivity and we are close to airport.
  • Haigis Pkwy has all the infrastructure but there is too much wetland and not enough developable area for a large tenant.
  • Jobs related to healthcare industry are expanding.
  • What kind of businesses could go into Scarborough Downs? That is one of the most permissive zoning regulations.
  • Look to Reston, VA as a model. How big do we want to dream for Scarborough Downs? Haigis Pkwy – why are businesses not coming? We need to look at new concepts. Now employers want to be in a Town setting and Haigis Pkwy feels remote.
  • Create opportunities for co-working space and let's try to attract the creatives.
  • Younger workers are looking for affordability and walkability – living close to work

What makes Scarborough authentic?

  • Industry cluster that we have here – possibilities for movement of employees and working relationship
  • Not the cheapest place to do business
  • Labor Force is key – well-educated workforce here
  • Culture of the region – Portland cultural amenities
  • Close to the airport
  • Higher education has become more professional/workforce
  • Beautiful, untouched, uncrowded
  • People are friendly
  • Nature is close by
  • Clarity of passion for the natural environment!

SEDCO maintains an online database/certificate of occupancy for new – online.

Get high speed internet in Town is needed***

Sunlight Financial – came here because 5,000 employees in the region for that field of work

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