Mobility and Health

almost 2 years ago

  • Just approved the Complete Street Policy, let's implement it.
  • Lots of cul-de-sacs neighborhoods close by schools – put in official connecting trails to the schools so kids can walk to school – walking school bus – Safe Routes to Schools program
  • There is no good second egress out of the middle school.  Would need to be ADA accessible.
  • There isn’t much walkability around town.
  • Route 114 – traffic backs up at peaks times
  • We need to analyse how response time would be impacted if roads floods?
  • Rural Roads for all modes – wider shoulders – slow down traffic is key
  • Is there an appetite for better walking and biking?
  • Winter maintenance of the sidewalks is an issue when we have to maintain 300 miles of roads
  • Rumbling Strips along the shoulders with wider shoulders coud provide a space for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Develop a network of streets that allows accessibility anywhere and anytime.
  • When repairing roads, let’s fix culverts at the same time.  There are models that can provide information on what might happen when changing a culvert.
  • Transit – Partnership with METRO public bus system operates the high school bus system
  • Park and Ride opportunities for Dunstan and Oak Hill
  • Re-open a train station in Town
  • Wi-Fi in bus stops – helpful in case of an emergency!

  • From a resiliency perspective, we should get a second egress out of all neighborhoods.
  • Evacuation routes – how to expand the roads for vehicles to get around other cars in case of emergency
  • Keep our transportation resilient to natural hazards
  • Don’t have the funding or the equipment to maintain them – they need to be available year round
  • What % of state road are we maintaining that the State is not doing anything on. We should aggregate the cost of what money is being spent by the Town for State roads.
  • Incrementally work on getting some solutions put in place for lower costs…

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