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almost 2 years ago


People are seeing the effect of the rise and increasing level of storms

Regional resiliency and adaptation plan for the region

Flooding and more frequent and intense rain events

Storm surge coupled with rain is potential larger issue – King tide, some properties get flooded already.

Big snow storm – 2 feet/30 inches

  • Roof collapses
  • Snow Farms where storage happens – chloride becomes a problem and issues for groundwater and surface water – salt is an issue as well going into the marsh
  • Private snow management companies – encouraging them to put down more salt – State is doing well with reducing the amount of application

 Sea Level Rise and what will happen to the road – Route One could be flooded and cut people off

  • Black Point Road is also at risk – how do we handle people living there?
  • Any critical town facilities that could be impacted?
  • How do we rebuild Route One – let’s get more resilient

The marsh is the bear in the picture – could become a detriment and create issues

Route One across the marsh – DPW says put more pavement on top… what about a causeway elevated? Route One used to be floating road

How much of the power lines are off the ground?

  • We lose power often – Central Maine Power.
  • New lines will be underground for new subdivision
  • East Grand Ave – Pine Point – cost is prohibitive
  • CPM – fairly aggressive trimming program – reduced issues with lines
  • Reduced their staffing for emergency issues – only one emergency crew now
  • Some people have backup generators – small % of people have that.

Efficiency Maine has some programs for energy efficiency funding

  • Project Grace – fuel assistance and retrofit of homes
  • Public library is a shelter for heat/cold – AC and Heated – working on getting a generator
  • High School is the shelter – they have generator
  • Town Hall has a generator as well
  • New public safety building will have that as well.
  • Emergency Management – advertise from time to time – general awareness.

18 condo associations – each has their own rules and regulations – lots of seniors population – coordination between all of them would be helpful for emergencies


  • Where can we get funding from FEMA to get some of that work done.
  • CIP for resiliency – get TIGER grant money for funding on infrastructure work
  • HMGP funds are very competitive – many roads are state roads so hard to get funding
  • There is a cost for developers to come in – there is a cost to live here. We can’t negotiate that away!
  • Think outside the box for future funding.


Clamming and fishing lotteries – there are few permits that are issued and the pool of people is much larger

Commercial dock down on Pine Point at the mouth of the marsh. There is a constant flow of sand that needs dredging and the cost is high. We don't have a natural harbor.

Very active plant in town (clams) – limited due to licenses with the state – same thing for the lobster licenses, low entry threshold – there is a peak.


Sand pits/gravel pits – sanitation requirements that didn’t get fixed – sand is moving down the nonsuch river – Gorham rd, new pub right next to the stream, built on clay – no balance of objectives along the river.

Should we have a holistic view of the watershed with all tributaries or just the main rivers? What is the policy? Consistency is key and would be good for developers.

Red seaweed coming onto the beach – smelling, DPW is cleaning it off twice a week – more and more seaweed – invasive species that starves the wildlife comes with high heat and humidity. 

Floodplains vs. wetlands – assess impact fees for development taking away from the natural storage of water.

Do we start looking to protect all flooding areas or do we start with impaired streams? Stream protection 200 ft from Non Such River.

Designated growth areas are in environmentally sensitive areas in Town. 

Scarborough marsh is our town identify – beaches as well. 

More development will compound the issues for runoff. 

Impact potential for the fishing industry and other businesses.

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