almost 2 years ago

The Energy & Sustainability Plan was recently prepared by the Energy Committee.  

  • It defines what sustainability means
  • Benchmarking is including for wast and energy
  • Waste – 32% to 50% by 2022 recycling
  • Recycling at Town events is called for
  • An inventory of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions to be coming our way – to benchmark everything.
  • Composting initiative as a pilot program – worked with the City South Portland to put that in place Disposition of the compost is done by EcoMaine. The Town has no power on deciding what happens with the food waste and compost once it leaves here.
  • Garbage to Garden Initiative is a leader – and YOU COMPOST IT only in denser neighborhoods (Not here)


There is an issue in Town with water retention in some of the wells. Some wells are down from 7-8 gallons a minute to 1-2 gallons a minute, and multiple and deeper drillings are sometimes needed. Water starts at Sebago Lake on the other side of the turnpike – can we afford to have municipal water on that side?

Wetlands are being filled in with development and no impact fees are drawn out. Consequences from some development should be evaluated. There is now water in the gullies all the time, but the water wasn't there before.

If we expand sewer to the west side, is the community ready to safeguard the plan to reduce sprawl and not to let it happen too much?


How much of our food is coming here by truck? We should pay hommage to the agricultural lands that are there and try to provide more local food.


Should we be saving open space or providing infrastructure that might bring even more development to certain areas. Upland development has already been developed – we need to assess impact fees to deal with issues that it has created. 

There is a cost to development and we need to assess that.

Huge economic cost of putting people in more sensitive areas as we are creating more risk. Public infrastructure is at risk as well.

Wetlands are the buffers to help protect infrastructure and we should protect them

In conservation subdivisions, too often the open space saved is wetlands and there isn’t much infiltration. By doing that we are not meeting the open space objective of creating usable land. NOT ALL OPEN SPACE IS EQUAL!

Sewer/wastewater – how do you choose to lay infrastructure? We need to be careful with opening up with development on the west side of the turnpike as headwaters are on that side… soil typologies are key to know.

We have three impaired streams on the east side of the turnpike already. 

The wastewater treatment plan at Black Point Rd is right by the water. It was found that the risk level was low for impact with sea level rise. What is the capacity of the plant? Capacity is now 2.5 million gallons and we use about 1.4 millions gallons. There is still capacity there.


We need to think about taxes as our kids cannot afford to live in this town. We need to get more young people to live in town so affordability is essential. 

Development is always assumed to be residential but developing agriculture land and bringing more young farmers here, that is development as well. The Maine Farm Land Trust - $50 million they want to invest in the farms. We should look into that.

How can we keep seniors in their houses by keeping the costs down. What systems do we have in place to keep them here?

We need an inflow for young productive families. That is an investment in our community.

People who work here but cannot afford to leave here. 


Scarborough doesn’t have that culture present here whether it is truly fine arts/theater.

Live/Work communities, we don’t have the industrial buildings/communities. We should identify that land could be available for more creative maker spaces.

Sustainable economic development – we could create that in the Downs area or elsewhere.

No pool and ice rink available in the community


People come to Scarborough come here for nature and beaches, not to come to a Town Center.

Development bringing in young families – cost of schools and bringing more commercial. 

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