Driving Success

almost 2 years ago

Implementing the Town’s comprehensive plan depends greatly on the ability of property owners, developers, Town staff, elected officials, and the general public to work together for a common purpose. The “action plan” presented in this document organizes projects and action items important to helping Scarborough meet its economic and quality of life goals while informing future Town investments and key decision-making.

The intent of the action plan is three-fold. First, it provides decision-makers with a blueprint for implementation. Second, clearly defined projects and action items identify public or private investment opportunities that are healthy, sustainable, and achievable. Third, regularly measuring achievements against the action plan (i.e., a “community report card”) provides stakeholders with the opportunity to track progress and hold elected officials accountable for implementing the plan.

The structure of the action plan does not require all projects or action items be completed in sequence. Instead, it promotes flexibility and partnership opportunities between the Town and other stakeholders for implementing the vision in phases, consistent with the pace of growth, emerging regional initiatives, or available funding. The information that follows summarizes key components of the Town’s action plan.

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  • sbayley over 1 year ago
    I believe that it is necessary for the action plan to take into account the difference between some of Scarborough's oldest villages and the newly developed ones. Zoning and codes have evolved alongside the newest development leaving those of us in 100+ year old villages in impossible situations regarding growth. One side of Jones Creek Drive in Pine Point allows business activity because this was historically a place where fishermen and clam diggers lived. However, due to modern zoning regarding parking, it is a business zone without the ability to open a new business. If we want to keep the village feel of our oldest villages, we need for the zoning to reflect our unique situations and allow us to open businesses that cater to the desires of the people living in and visiting those villages.
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  • Kathleen almost 2 years ago
    Lack of street/route names on maps leads to confusion.
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