Plan Framework

almost 2 years ago

Scarborough residents understand that planning for the future will result in a stronger local economy, greater sustainability, and a better quality of life for current and future residents, as well as continued attractiveness for visitors. This section provides a description of the Conservation and Growth Map that sets up a town-wide framework for investing in areas supported by existing infrastructure, retrofitting areas in need of redevelopment, and protecting open space and natural resources such as the marsh, a pristine resource in the Town. A description of how this map is organized, according to conservation and growth areas, is provided. The identified growth sectors include areas for infill, redevelopment, and retrofit. A number of these growth areas are illustrated in detail to show possibilities of how development could occur that reflects the goals and aspirations of the community.

Click here for Plan Framework.
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  • LConn almost 2 years ago
    While I understand the desire to better connect areas of the town, I do not believe connecting residential deadends and cul de sacs to main streets to lessen traffic is the right way to go about it. The majority of people who live in homes on these streets do so for the exact reason of less traffic. I, as a new homeowner on one of these potentially affected streets, purchased my home knowing I would have to drive in order to get to the schools and shops, but with that meant that my street would not see thru traffic, especially commercial vehicles. I will echo a previous comment; the map does not show the three existing homes at the end of Abigail Way? Are these people honestly to lose their homes so a roadway can be created to connect Maple and 114? Two roads that are already connected less than a mile down the road? If a road were to be created in that area why must it pass through Abigail's cul de sac at all? The map shows significant space to create the roadway without forfeiting existing homes and the desireable neighborhood roadway structure of dead ends/cul de sacs; a factor that directly affects the day to day quality of life for Abigail residents as well as their home values. If this is honestly about creating more foot/bike traffic in the area then a pathway from Abigail connecting said new road should be more than sufficient. While the idea of better connecting the town for future development is ambitious, it should not be achieved on the backs and homes of it's current residents. We chose to live here for a lot of the reasons that these plans seem to be dismissing under the guise of necessary progress.
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